“I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself become the wounded person.” 
― Walt WhitmanSong of Myself



Well thanks to this topic…from the many posts i have read and other sources, i have come to appreciate that empathy is an ability, some may have it while some may not..PhysiotherImageapy is a healthcare profession, a profession that encounters different health issues from the general public,.One thing i have learnt is that, an individual may only succeed in physiotherapy if they have the ability to understand exactly what a client is going through, not only that but also to be able to share their feelings, in a nutshell empathy in physiotherapy practice is inevitable,.The moment a client realizes that you are willing to share with them how they feel, they become 100% open to you, and we need this to give them the exact care they require…Empathy connects us to the client, it enhances the rapport.. 

Well lets see what tomorrow  holds for us as we take on the online Professional ethics course,..i really would love to learn…all the best guys